Skirting boards, alternatively known as, baseboards, are considered an integral component of any house alongside architrave, and they come in various shapes and forms to cater to your personalized needs. First of all, skirting boards are used for adding a decorative appeal to your house. Secondly, it is used for adding a protective layer to your house. Thirdly, baseboard or skirting boards are used for construction and renovation purposes, and they play a crucial role in flooring. Let’s have a look at the importance of skirting boards for flooring purposes:

If you are on the verge to renovate a property or, re-look a room in your house, it means that you probably have skirting boards installed to the site. It means that how you decide to fit your skirting boards and architrave would leave you with the choice of keeping the skirting boards in place or, you should remove them for enabling the placement of the floorings.

It is no wonder in older properties, several people were afraid of uninstalling the skirting boards, as it would take a huge section of the wall’s plaster with it. Due to this particular reason, most people decided to leave their skirting boards in place when considering installing a wooden floor to their living room or bedroom.

If you have decided to follow a similar approach, you can start with flooring the right section of your wall, and use a beading accessory for creating a neat join between the skirting boards and floorings. One of the important things to consider is that you should leave an appropriate gap between the edge and flooring that would allow you to expand and contract the flooring of your house as per your liking.